Book of Earth

BookOfEarth_CoverSix months have passed since the collapse of the Heretique holdout in the Vriezen.
Six months have passed since William Coulee was assigned to a punishing outpost in the Dead Sands.
And six months have passed since Rebecca Badeau was brought back into the calm of the Collective.

However, the Sectors of the Collective are anything but calm.

In response to the martyrdom of the Heretique leader, the Collective is quickly entering the beginning stages of a civil war. As rebel forces emerge everywhere in defiance to the tightening grip of the Ministry Security Force and its tyrannical leader, Rebecca Badeau and William Coulee struggle to find their respective places in their new, stifling roles — wife to the brooding Simon Wylde and caretaker of a forgotten MSF outpost. But when an opportunity to escape these oppressive lives arises, both Rebecca and William are thrown into a wild wilderness where survival is as likely as world peace.

In this eagerly awaited sequel to the Book of Fire, D. R. Crislip continues to expertly traverse the reader between the oppressive futuristic world of the Collective and our conspiracy-laden world of today. With heart-pounding action and thought-provoking theories, Book of Earth promises to deliver a reading experience unlike anything before.