Suspend Your Disbelief

It’s probably one of the toughest things for an audience to do; suspending disbelief requires losing rationality, logic, and factors of probability. For an artist (particularly a writer and filmmaker), getting their audience to believe that the impossible is possible is extremely tricky and often done incorrectly, leaving the audience sour or flat-out irritated. I’m not going tell you how to correctly go about getting an audience to believe in the impossible—that would require a level of arrogance I don’t have—instead, I’m going to draw attention to a couple of artists who successfully convinced me to believe, as well as a couple of artists who almost failed, and did fail, at doing so.

Steven Spielberg is quite possibly the king of getting me to believe. A great example of this gift is represented in the movie Jaws, particularly with the ending.

Had I never seen the movie and had no idea what was going to happen, and if you told me that in the movie Jaws, a small-town sherif lays on the tip of a sinking boat that a gigantic great white single handedly sunk, and fires a hunting rifle at an oxygen tank stuck in the jaws of this great white and blows it to smithereens, I would probably tell you, “Sounds like the worst movie of all time.” However that is not the case. Jaws was the highest grossing film, ever (at the time of its release). It destroyed the competition. Everyone had to see it for one reason: it scared the piss out of them!

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Beyond 2001

Where do we go next? The future of mankind is something I find myself thinking about quite often. Being that it’s the year 2011, and ten years beyond Arthur C. Clarke’s and Stanley Kubrick’s vision of the future, I decided to read the science fiction classic and was inspired by their attempt at explaining one possible future.

I too often find myself disappointed with our lack of concern in the area of evolution and the growing reliance on technology to control our daily lives (which is something I try to say without coming across anti-technology). For some reason, Conficker comes to mind. In case you’ve never heard of Conficker, it’s the worm infecting your computer at this very moment (or quite possibly infecting your computer). This worm essentially turns your machine into a drone for the malicious individuals who invented it; creating an entire army of personal computers to be used at their beckoning. Terrifying, I know. So imagine a future where all of technology (i.e. the internet, medical records, bank accounts, power, armed forces, etc.) is turned off. Imagine what that future would be like. Would you survive? Would society completely fall apart? Possibly. Yes. Then what?

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Is there any hope left?

In a country over exposed to negative news reports and reality television, which reflects the worst of humanity; is there any hope left or are we incapable of aspiring to be something more? I ask this question because it appears to me that we are carrying out our own demise amidst such wallowing.

Normally I would use this section of my website to make commentary on the literary world, but since I find this topic to be the thesis of my writing ambitions, I will use my first post to address this question.

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