A slightly insightful interview with Chuck

This is possibly the most recent interview with Chuck Palahniuk. In it, Chuck discusses his life, his working process, and a little bit about his new book, Damned. For newbies to Chuck’s work, the article does a pretty good rundown on his life and work, and for the Chuck enthusiast, there might be some new tidbits not previously known.


Inside the twisted brain behind ‘Fight Club’

As interviews go, this particular pause is 
a substantial one. “I’m still here,” says 
Chuck Palahniuk, breaking a silence that 
was fast approaching the 10-second mark. “I’m just thinking. Sorry, I’m slower than my computer.”

There is, ShortList assures him, no need to apologise. It’s a pleasant surprise to encounter an interviewee who takes time to consider their answers, even if it is at a 
speed that would embarrass their own presumably ancient PC. As we’re finding out, a phone call to the Palahniuk household yields honest and thoughtful insight into what really makes the man tick.

It seems the first rule of interviewing Chuck Palahniuk is: do not attempt rapid-fire chat with Chuck Palahniuk.

You can read the rest of the article here:

The writing process according to David Mitchell

David Mitchell, who has been listed among Time magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in The World, reveals how he handles his audience during the writing process as well as his overwhelming desire to begin a new project before he can finish. I imagine many, if not all, writers will agree with a lot of what he says during this video.

You can learn more about David Mitchell at his website: