Book of Earth is in the Test Reading Phase

Phew! I’m back (sort of). I just spent the last 6 months editing and re-editing the Book of Earth; hopefully the time spent was well worth it. I have now passed it off to my first of test readers—my wife—and I’m anxiously awaiting the results and her thoughts on the plot. If all goes well, I will make additional edits, pass it off to another reader, and then finally hand it over to an editor. How long it will sit with an editor, I have no idea; I’ve never used an editor before.

I’m hoping to release Book of Earth in September of this year!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, everyone!

2013 is going to be quite an exciting year. I’ve been working hard on The Sinner King: Book of Earth (which is why I haven’t been posting) and I’m ready to reveal an early draft of the new novel’s cover:

I know it’s not much of a departure from Book of Fire‘s cover (which is intentional), nonetheless it’s exciting for me to see; it’s a visual reminder that the book is almost finished!

So, for those of you who are awaiting the next installment, please continue to be patient: I will have it out soon—hopefully.

8,000 downloads and ranked #3 in Suspense/Thriller!

What can I say . . . it’s exciting to see that close to 8,000 people downloaded The Sinner King: Book of Fire. It doesn’t matter that Amazon gave it away for free; having an audience is much more important. If this book is worth anything, this new found audience will grow. My concern right now is finishing Book of Earth and getting it released. So I want to say thank you to everyone who has supported me through this; none of it would have been possible without you.

Final overall ranking (fiction and nonfiction): 18 US  12 UK

Final suspense/thriller ranking: 3 US   3 UK

Welcome New Readers

I’m assuming that each of you reading this post have or will be taking advantage of the Amazon Free Promo for this book, and so I would like to welcome you and point out a quick couple of things:

This News section will contain book updates, articles from around the literary world, interviews with other writers, and commentary. This section is the most heavily updated and its posts are shared via Twitter and Facebook.

There is a Facts & Truths section that contains information on some of the history and ideas put forth inside this book. It is wholly incomplete at this point but will continually be updated with more information.

And coming soon, there will be an interactive section that has a map illustrating the land from The Sinner King along with information about certain locations highlighted inside the story. Also, there will be a section dedicated to the second book of the four-part series: Book of Earth. It will contain teaser information and news about the progress and release date.

So welcome, again, and I hope you enjoy the story and become a fan.

Amazon Promotion: Get The Sinner King for FREE!

This is actually pretty cool and exciting: on Tuesday, November 13th (TOMORROW) Amazon is making The Sinner King: Book of Fire free on Kindle for an entire 24 hour period. The reason why this is exciting is because it gets the book out to a whole new audience of people from around the world who would be hesitant on buying from an unknown author. This promotion is listed in several high traffic book websites and will be promoted on Twitter.

So if you are one of those hesitant people and are slightly curious about this book then I suggest downloading it and giving at least the first couple of chapters a shot. It literally costs nothing tomorrow and you will own it.

And if you don’t have a Kindle (like me), you can still download the book to Amazon’s Cloud Reader and read it on your desktop, laptop, or tablet.

Here is a link to The Sinner King: Book of Fire Kindle Edition