Book of Earth is in the Test Reading Phase

Phew! I’m back (sort of). I just spent the last 6 months editing and re-editing the Book of Earth; hopefully the time spent was well worth it. I have now passed it off to my first of test readers—my wife—and I’m anxiously awaiting the results and her thoughts on the plot. If all goes well, I will make additional edits, pass it off to another reader, and then finally hand it over to an editor. How long it will sit with an editor, I have no idea; I’ve never used an editor before.

I’m hoping to release Book of Earth in September of this year!

Indefiniteness of Literature vs. Specificity of Cinema

Well, hello there! Yes, I still exist despite my lack of posting.

I have decided to share with you (the world) an article I just read at As the title of the post indicates, the article is concerned with filmmakers’ adaptation of books.

There is a long standing debate in my house on whether the film (any adaption we just watched) was as good as the book. 99% of the time, it was not. I can only think of three—off the top of my head—that have lived up (or somehow surpassed) the books: 2001: A Space Odyssey, Jaws, and Jurassic Park. The first two Harry Potter movies are very close.

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, everyone!

2013 is going to be quite an exciting year. I’ve been working hard on The Sinner King: Book of Earth (which is why I haven’t been posting) and I’m ready to reveal an early draft of the new novel’s cover:

I know it’s not much of a departure from Book of Fire‘s cover (which is intentional), nonetheless it’s exciting for me to see; it’s a visual reminder that the book is almost finished!

So, for those of you who are awaiting the next installment, please continue to be patient: I will have it out soon—hopefully.

The Sinner King is mentioned in a prominent online magazine

Today, I was thrilled to see that a writing colleague, Rob W. Hart, had mentioned me in his ongoing saga titled Adventures in Self-Publishing, on—a prominent, online, literary magazine founded by the team responsible for

This is Rob’s fourth installment in the series where he chronicles what the title states. He, like me, just recently went through the Amazon Free Promotion and this article details his thoughts, feelings, and results. Rob and I have been tweeting back forth during our promotion days and he asked me if I would be willing to share my experience with him. In return, Rob shed a positive light on my book and listed it alongside his novella: The Last Safe Place inside this article.

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8,000 downloads and ranked #3 in Suspense/Thriller!

What can I say . . . it’s exciting to see that close to 8,000 people downloaded The Sinner King: Book of Fire. It doesn’t matter that Amazon gave it away for free; having an audience is much more important. If this book is worth anything, this new found audience will grow. My concern right now is finishing Book of Earth and getting it released. So I want to say thank you to everyone who has supported me through this; none of it would have been possible without you.

Final overall ranking (fiction and nonfiction): 18 US  12 UK

Final suspense/thriller ranking: 3 US   3 UK