The Sinner King is mentioned in a prominent online magazine

Today, I was thrilled to see that a writing colleague, Rob W. Hart, had mentioned me in his ongoing saga titled Adventures in Self-Publishing, on—a prominent, online, literary magazine founded by the team responsible for

This is Rob’s fourth installment in the series where he chronicles what the title states. He, like me, just recently went through the Amazon Free Promotion and this article details his thoughts, feelings, and results. Rob and I have been tweeting back forth during our promotion days and he asked me if I would be willing to share my experience with him. In return, Rob shed a positive light on my book and listed it alongside his novella: The Last Safe Place inside this article.

So, without further ado:

Adventures in Self-Publishing Part 4: I Did A Whole Bunch of Stuff!


In last month’s column I complained I was too busy to actually do anything to market and promote my novella. I felt bad, filing a short column (since there was not much to report), so I promised myself that this month, I wouldn’t rest on my laurels. Whatever a laurel is. So I did a bunch of stuff! And it paid off. A little. I think?

But first, I need to start with an apology…

I’m sorry

As I’ve noted, this whole self-publishing thing is a bit of an experiment. I want to try different things to see what happens, so I can write about them here. One of the things I wanted to do was enroll in Amazon’s KDP Select program. There are advantages to doing this: You get included in the Kindle lending library, and if people borrow your book, Amazon gives you money. Also, you get to drop your price to $0.00 for up to 5 days. Which is great, if you want a bunch of people to download your book for free, and then not download it when the price goes back up. Supposedly this is a savvy marketing technique.

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